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Whether you are looking for muted, soothing neutral tones or bold, rich colors, we create sophisticated, luxurious Modern Classic interiors for residential clients around the world.  We work closely with our clients to create the home of their dreams with stunning design concepts and impeccable service.


The spaces we design are unique because they originate from you: your ideas, passions, and personality. Your home might be traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, but when we are finished, it will absolutely be yours. Our team of professionals, works closely with you from initial planning and design through final installation. Our firm stands out not just for the quality of our work, but the quality of our process. 



Elegance comes from impeccable details: how tight the fabric is pulled on a pleat; the subtle details of the millwork; how a watercolor is paired with its frame. Our obsession with detail extends even to the design and construction of custom furnishings, allowing us to create pieces and fabrics that are tailored to you and your home. 


We believe that your space should inspire people with its elegance, while also allowing you to live your life. With a mix of custom and curated pieces of the most enduring quality, we will help you find the best version of your home—one that, like you, comes through the rigors of daily life looking refined and resplendent. 


With experience garnered from years of domestic and international client engagements, our team is cosmopolitan in both scope and style. We draw inspiration from every corner of the globe, and when needed, can partner with talented and trusted artisans around the world to create truly custom interior architecture, fabrics, furnishings, lighting, and accessories. 

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