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Matthew Frederick has the rare ability to both design and build. This combination of skills allows M. Frederick Design to provide true turnkey Design & Build services for select luxury residential projects with seamless execution and no risk of disconnect between the design and the construction.  Our custom method has transformed the custom home design and construction process into a seamless, stress-free experience. Matthew personally designs all elements of his homes, from the elevations and interior architecture, to the floor plans, to the interior design and furnishings, to the landscaping. From his seamless combination of classic architecture and sophisticated luxury interiors to precision construction and execution, everything about a Matthew Frederick home is one of craftsmanship and attention to detail.


For a select projects each year, Frederick and his team will personally work to explore, model and develop new construction or large renovation projects as complete, turn key solutions.  The project development process includes a complete needs and options analysis, identification and development of architectural styles and options, project goal development, floor plan concept evaluation and development, architectural plan development, budget development, budget management,landscape plan development, construction documents, space planning, and period/detail archival research.

M. Frederick uses the latest CAD and 3-D virtual rendering technologies as part of our design and construction services. 3-D technologies help clients accurately visualize the project in its planning and construction stages from anywhere in the world and service to improve communication regarding project goals and objectives.




Design & Build is a project delivery approach that integrates design and construction to create a single point of accountability, thereby reducing schedule times and overall project cost, producing higher-quality results in less time than traditional luxury residential construction and design methods. 

  Traditional Residential Construction Relationship Chart

Traditional Residential Construction Relationship Chart

For luxury residential construction, the Design & Build model realizes project results that are delivered faster, of higher quality, and for the optimum cost - the best value for money, time and effort invested. It is well suited for projects with schedule constraints or those that are complex in nature, though the benefits of the Design & Build model apply to all forms of luxury residential construction.

  M. Frederick Design & Build Relationship Chart

M. Frederick Design & Build Relationship Chart

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